BWG News

Taxiway Alpha Project Update

The Taxiway Alpha Reconstruction Project at BWG is underway! Construction began in September and pavement, subbase, and signage is currently being removed from the Taxiway. Airport users, please be mindful of the construction and be sure to check NOTAMs frequently. Click the link for an update from WNKY. 

Record-seeking Pilot Touches Down in Bowling Green

Dan Moore, a pilot attempting to break the current Guinness World Record for “Most Airfields Visited in 24 Hours by a Fixed-Wing Aircraft,” planned to visit 110 airports on September 11, 2019, breaking the current record of 87 airports. He landed at BWG at approximately 7:16 on 9-11-19.

He chose September 11 as the date of his world record attempt in order to honor and remember those who lost their lives in the tragic attack on September 11, 2001. His goal of 110 airports was to pay tribute to the 110 floors of the World Trade Center.

His final count of 91 landings by 1 pilot is pending official evidence review by Guinness. This will break the current record of 87 landings set by 2 pilots!

B-17 Flying Fortress and P-51 Mustang Offers Rides and Tours in Bowling Green

The Liberty Foundation made a week-long stop in Bowling Green to offer rides and tours in the B-17 “Ye Olde Pub” Flying Fortress and a P-51 Mustang.

Bowling Green pilot to be inducted into state Aviation Hall of Fame

A Bowling Green man,  Victor H. Strahm, who flew military aircraft in two world wars, is set to be inducted into the select class of aviators at the Kentucky Aviation Hall of Fame in Lexington. Click to read more from the Bowling Green Daily News.

Kentucky Licenses

Changes are coming to all Kentucky Driver’s Licenses. Click to learn more from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.