BWG News

Tornado and Severe Weather Info/Relief 

As many know, Western Kentucky, including Bowling Green, was hit by strong storms and tornadoes on the night/morning of December 10th and 11th that caused catastrophic damage across our state. We have had many ask how they can help. Here are some resources for those looking to donate or volunteer in the Bowling Green community:

Annual Aviation Heritage Park Hangar Party

Despite some weather, the 2021 AHP Hangar Party was a success! Guests enjoyed dinner, dancing, drinks, static display aircraft, and music from Bueler’s Day Off! The highlight of the Hangar Party was honoring Bowling Green native Col. Arthur (Mac) Reynolds. Colonel Reynolds was assigned duties with HMX-1 in 1999 and held the title of the Presidential Helicopter Pilot, serving three presidents: Reagan, George W. Bush, Clinton and one vice-president: George H.W. Bush.

Aviation Summer Camps 2021

We were fortunate enough to have TWO Aviation Summer Camps this year! The Jim and Jan Bohannon Camp and the Bob and Cara Pitchford Camp had many students who fell in love with flying this year. More pictures can be found on our Facebook page, BWG Airport. Students learned about the basics of aviation, aircraft instruments and design, aviation related careers, practiced on flight simulators, and each student helped fly a real airplane with an FAA Certified Flight Instructor. We can’t wait for next year! 

We have so many people to thank for the successful camps!
We would like to thank all of our title sponsors, individual sponsors, and food sponsors that helped us ensure that every student who wanted to attend camp was able to attend and that every student had their meals included.
Thank you to the Aviation Museum of Kentucky staff (Kurt, Teri, Cal, Bob, Ed, and others) that takes so much time out of their very busy schedule to travel to BG and teach the students all about aviation each summer. If you are ever in the Lexington area, be sure to visit the museum!
Thank you to Flywell Aviation (Justin Tidwell and Wilson Hutchison) for helping us fly all 70 students in four days! Flying tends to be their favorite part and we are glad to have such a great flight school on our field. Contact them today to schedule a flight of your own!
Thank you to everyone that gave a presentation to the campers! They love being able to learn about different aircraft. Myron Callaham and Friends of Vintage Flight with the Jenny, Doug Rohrer with his RV-9A, Arnie Franklin with Aviation Heritage Park, Bob Jones (AMK) with his Cub, Justin Tidwell with the Stearman, and J.T. Gallant for displaying his Cessna 170.
Airport staff also worked very hard planning, setting up, and making sure things ran smoothly. Thank you to Co-Mar Aviation for allowing us to use some of your facility.
Until next year!

Commemorative Air Force

The CAF is looking to start three new units in 2021.  One of their locations they are interested in having a CAF Base is here at BWG! In order to start a CAF unit, 15 members are required but in order to get a PT-19, 30 members are required.  If the unit is formed here, CAF has recruited several long-term members to act as New Unit Mentors to assist in the startup phase. All kinds of positions need to be filled including leadership, administration, education, pilots, mechanics, marketing, fund raising, and many more. 

Contact is Gerald Oliver, please share with anyone you know that may be interested.  If you have any questions, you can email Gerald at or call him at 312-953-0357. 

Important Update on REAL ID Enforcement

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that REAL ID enforcement will be postponed until May 3, 2023 due to the circumstances resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. At that time, standard Kentucky driver’s licenses will no longer be accepted for U.S. commercial air travel, to visit military bases or to visit federal buildings that require ID. Kentuckians will need a form of federally accepted ID to maintain these travel and access benefits. Sign up at to get timely REAL ID and regional office updates sent straight to your phone or email.

COVID-19 KY Updates 

Click the button below for updates on the COVID-19 situation in Kentucky. Though the Bowling Green – Warren County Regional Airport remains open for aviation users at this time, visit the Airport Updates page to stay up to date with the latest airport information.